Respect must be shown at cemetery

Madonna statue and solar flower lights missing after cemetery cleanup.

Dear Editor:

I have just learned of the pillage and desecration of the Canyon View Cemetery carried out by the municipality of Summerland after revisions were made to local bylaws in 2007. I am appalled over the thoughtless and careless disregard for our cemetery.

I have not lived in Summerland for quite a while but my parents, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin, godmother, friends and neighbours are buried there.

My brother-in-law and cousin were buried in 2008, after these revised bylaws were put into effect.

Nothing was relayed to us regarding these changes.

I would think that if the revised bylaws were to be followed, the appropriate notification to the families at the time of interment would be fitting.

The cemetery was a peaceful and sacred ground where people came to show their love and respect. It’s a place that should evoke reverence.

Now that the bylaws are enforced, the cemetery looks unloved and forgotten. Is this the way we want to acknowledge our loved ones?

Before my mother passed away in 1995, she had a statue of the Madonna with a little girl by her side. This statue was in her garden, so when she passed, my sister took the statue and placed it on my parents’ grave site, on the concrete. It was there for 17 years until the cleanup crew removed it, and since then it has been missing.

My brother-in-law had solar flower lights on his headstone, placed by his son. They too are missing.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these items, please call 250-442-5999. He would really like them back.

Mayor Perrino, the buck stops at your desk.

The bylaws need to be revisited and changes made to allow families like ours to demonstrate the love and reverence we have for our family members.

Until then, our heartache will not go away.

Jo Smart

Grand Forks