Reflecting on a year at the Review

A year has passed since I began at the Summerland Review.

A year has passed since I began at the Summerland Review.

It seems like yesterday that I had my first full day in this office.

Amazing how quickly time flies.

My predecessor had twenty plus years under her belt when she left the Review and many times over the last year I’ve wondered how she did it all.

There are days……

Working in a newspaper is a pleasure for me and when the opportunity arose to come to a newspaper with such a history, I leaped at it.

I’m proud of the Summerland Review.

We are the local voice for Summerland.

I appreciate all of our subscribers and readers.

I especially appreciate our letter writers — it is a highlight to read your viewpoints.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this column. It’s a chance for me to flex my creative muscle and occasionally to vent.

Summerland is such a unique and beautiful community.  I find myself gazing at the scenery and wondering how I lucked out.

It is easy to get caught up in day to day activities and miss appreciating where we all get to live.

I moved away in my youth, and when I came home I realized just how much I had missed the Okanagan.

So I would encourage each of you to spend some time taking in the sights and sounds.

I’ve learned a lot this year.

Mostly through trial and error, my favourite method. (That was sarcasm.)

Here are a few things I’ve learned about Summerland.

Summerlanders are passionate. They care deeply about their community as is evidenced by the many successful community organizations.

The Rotary Club and the Summerland Asset Development Initiative come to mind.

Both of these fine organizations do important work and it is a tribute to the people within.

Many other organizations also deserve a nod and I could fill this space with just those names.

The place of agriculture within a growing community is a debate that rages on.

I’ve written several times on this and always get feedback on both sides.

Once again, it demonstrates a passion for Summerland that comes from a good place.

I would hope as this community moves forward, that the debate sticks to the issue and avoids the personal attacks.

I think there is a place for all opinions as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner.

Speaking of opinions, I stepped into it in one of my columns.

So, just to be clear, there are at least two places to get a great burger and old fashioned milkshake in Summerland.

In fact, there is an interesting mix of restaurants here and they all deserve local support!

Summerland is a very walkable community.

On Thursday mornings, I get to deliver our paper to some of our advertisers.

Rain or shine, I see many of you out walking your dogs or just getting some exercise.

It’s always been a dream of mine to not need a car, except for pleasure travel.

Summerland offers that opportunity and I hope that is a consideration when it comes to planning.

So in closing, thank you for a great year and I’m looking forward to 2016!

I wish you all the best and as always, appreciate hearing from you!

Rob Murphy is the sales manager at the Summerland Review.