Questions raised about prison

Dear Editor:

Questions of the day:

1. Is it an agricultural or horticultural implement or a spade? Is it an adult correctional facility or a prison? Will the inmates be called prison birds or jail birds?

2. Do drowning persons sill reach for straws? How desperate are the business community and our elected councils?

3. Will the new leader of the B.C. Liberal Party, Christy Clark, know the fate of Rita Johnston, the B.C. Socreds’ last leader, who failed to be elected as premier or even as leader of the opposition, after only a few months of being chosen to lead her party?

4. Will Christy share Kim Campbell’s experience, reducing her party’s representation in the House of Commons in Ottawa to two seats after her few months as P.C. national leader?

In the Yukon, Liberal party leader Pat Duncan holds the honour of being the first woman in Canada to lead a political party to election victory to become the territory’s premier.

5. What odds are the bookies giving any of the above?

Dick Clements