Prison could bring positive change

Dear Editor:

Last week I pointed out a few reasons why I believe we have become a one industry community. That industry is housing and caring for an ever more senior population. 

This week I would like a see where we are at and look to the future.

We have really never been a tourist town. Our logo used to be “B.C.’s Best Kept Secret.” Remember that? 

Even now we would be hard pressed to adequately accommodate much more than 300 overnight guests. 

Other than our natural landscapes and super weather the only real tourist attraction is our steam train. 

Even that had to be resurrected from the ashes by a very few far sighted and hard working local volunteers. 

Some of our local wineries are doing a great job of promoting their industry but  that won’t sustain an economy. 

Unfortunately our tree fruit industry is now really on its knees with not many bright lights in the tunnel.

Rather than resisting change and always  objecting, I strongly believe we should fully investigate the possibility of having the remand center located in our community and do what we can to make it happen. 

Possibly some letters of support  to our new premier and provincial cabinet ministers may be in order. 

I believe this helped get us get a new highway.  

Our council has submitted an excellent site that hopefully will receive serious consideration. 

This site has easy highway access and is well out of the public view. 

It is already owned by us taxpayers, some of the usual acquisition costs could be put toward servicing, and this would also provide sewer to Bentley Road industrial area so it could be expanded and possibly attract new businesses to town.  

Imagine what the possibility of more than 300 new folks that have a full time, reasonably well paid job would do to our area. 

Our school enrollment would improve, our service and sporting clubs wouldn’t have to recycle the same members and executives, our curling, golf, and recreation facilities would be properly utilized and our general economy would improve.

We have a chance right now to make a change to the direction of our community. 

I and many others believe it could be a positive change. 

Without a direction change I see a need for many more care homes, extended care, dementia facilities, and an economy entirely based on the needs of us old folks.

I don’t believe we should just sit back and let this decision play out on it’s own. If we would like this facility to become a reality then let’s make that known to our provincial leaders now.,, ,,

Remember how disappointed we were when we lost the House on the Hill and it moved to Penticton.  

Well, now’s our chance to get it back, only it will be coming from Victoria along with over 300 full time jobs and a few million tax dollars to our local municipality. How good is that?

Don Hudgeon