Plenty of activity at art gallery

Today, I am encouraging all members of the community to visit the Summerland Art Gallery.

Dear Editor:

Today, I am encouraging all members of the community to visit the Summerland Art Gallery.

I am strongly encouraging all members of the municipal council and staff involved in this transition to visit — today.

It is imperative that you understand and appreciate all the amazing things that occur in the beautiful building that Summerland Community Arts Centre has resided in for the past 16 years.

The workshops, art show presentations, kids summer art programs, volunteers, member groups, and all the opportunities and programs facilitated in this community, are of equal importance to sports and literacy programs. Yes, they are. They just don’t get the media coverage.

The arts are our every day lives, our heritage and culture, the arts are so much more than we can imagine.

Imagine. Come, learn, and be amazed.

Marcia Stacy,

Director at large

Summerland Community Arts Council