A horse in a field. (Marko Blazevic Unsplash)

A horse in a field. (Marko Blazevic Unsplash)

Orphaned foal has attached to new mare, says owner of the Keremeos horses

The horses along Hwy 3 weren’t wild, but had crossed the river for first time


Early this October and over a period of three days, a small group of six horses, not ‘wild horses,’ crossed the Similkameen River and got onto Highway 3 between Martian’s Landing and Suncatchers.

I, Sharon Dennis, of Ancestry and also living on the unceded Territory of the n?aysnula?xw Peoples’ (the Ashnola) was devastated to hear of the events and assisted my family immediately that night and over a period of three days/nights making sure the horses crossed the river back to their own pasture.

These horses have been corralled and moved. The orphaned foal was coralled and has attached itself to another mare. I will also add that in the 20-plus years that I have lived in Paul Creek, across the river, these horses have not crossed over onto Highway 3.

We are grateful to Martian’s Landing (Martin: his family/friends) for their patience, kindness and help. One of Martins’ family/friends stated that she hadn’t seen horses on that side of the river in the 10 years she has lived there. Our family will be repairing the fencing alongside the highway next to Martian’s Landing. Again, I would like to state that we attended the scene immediately and are watching out for the horses constantly. We are very sorry for the associated danger/trauma and hope that Ruth Wilsher is reassured.

Respectfully, Sharon Dennis


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