Noise is an exhausting problem

No matter what the issue or location, the RCMP has jurisdiction

Dear Editor:

One of the major benefits associated with having a combined municipal, provincial and national police force, like the RCMP, is the simple fact that no matter what the issue or location, the RCMP has jurisdiction.

In the case of the operation of motor vehicles with exhaust systems that do not meet established noise level standards all we have to do is file the complaint and the problem should be resolved.

The ongoing dog and pony show associated with an increasing number of motorcycles and pick-up trucks on our streets and highways, with exhaust systems designed purposely to produce noise levels that borders the obnoxious, has to stop — now.

The Okanagan is no longer a place to relax. Every day the air is filled with a constant roar, produced by bikes and motor vehicles with inadequate muffler systems.

Visitors are telling us the Okanagan Valley has become the most obnoxious place to visit — anywhere.

A number of Canadian municipalities have committed to addressing this development, and the good news is the laws are in place and they are as valid and enforceable as the day they were written. The bad news is our politicians will use every excuse they can think of, to not enforce them, like they did last year, and the year before.

Andy Thomsen