No more meetings needed on proposed land swap

I don’t think we need another meeting to explain, we have told the mayor and council loud and clear why not.

Dear Editor:

While in the gym this past Tuesday morning (March 11), I heard a piece of a short radio clip wherein Janice Perrino was saying that the people who are against the removal of the land from the ALR are “fear-mongering” and that what has come up is “just awful.”

Also mentioned by the radio announcer is that the council has plans to hold another public meeting telling the citizens of Summerland why the mayor and council feel removing the land from the ALR is the right thing to do.

How can this be?

Summerland citizens (well over 300 — many of whom weren’t admitted to the meeting because of numbers too large for the fire safety rules) were at the arena on March 3 having done their homework on this isue, citing facts and figures, pointing out the holes and misinformation distributed by the council and surely deserved to be listened to.

How can the mayor have been listening to the facts and figures on March 3 given by honest, sincere citizens concerned for the future of their town?

Surely had she been listening, she could never have labelled the opposition to this ALR removal as fear-mongering. Personally, I don’t think we need another meeting to explain the merits of taking prime agricultural land out of the ALR, and we have told the mayor and council loud and clear why not.

The sad fact seems to be the mayor and council have lost the trust and goodwill of many of the town’s people, are acting against our wishes, aren’t listening to the citizens of Summerland and continue to insist on their own agenda.

Gerri Davis