New Democrat plan remains hidden from the public

NDP leader Adrian Dix still refuses to reveal the NDP's election platform.

Dear Editor:

Even though the provincial election is just three months away, NDP leader Adrian Dix still refuses to reveal the NDP’s election platform. Why? Is it so empty that he has to hide it from public view for as long as he possibly can?

I think the public deserve to see what sort of plan Adrian Dix and the NDP have for this province. Voters should be able to evaluate the NDP’s platform and weigh it against the platforms, plans and visions of other parties.

Unfortunately, all Mr. Dix has done so far is defend his secrecy around the NDP platform by claiming the B.C. Liberals never revealed their plans this early on when they were in opposition during the 1990s.

Well, I almost bought that argument from Mr. Dix until I checked the facts. Not surprisingly, the facts don’t line up with Mr. Dix’s claim.

In 1996, for instance, the B.C. Liberals released their platform three months before the election; and that was at a time when BC did not have a fixed election date as we do now.

And in 2000, the BC Liberals released their platform more than a year before the election. These were documents that voters could read and study, evaluate and compare.

How sad it is, then, that B.C. voters still have absolutely nothing solid from Mr. Dix this close to the election. His platform and plans remain a mystery. You would think that someone such as Mr. Dix, whose fundamental honesty has been in question since the 1990’s, would be doing everything he could to be open and honest with the public about his plans.

Obviously, and sadly, that is clearly not the case.

Fred Reemeyer