Need sani-dump more than chargers

Summerland needs a dump site for RVs sooner than charging stations for electric cars.

Dear Editor:

I find our mayor’s enthusiasm over installing several electric outlets for recharging electric automobiles that may someday appear in Summerland odd, to say the least.

Only a couple of weeks ago, she was dead set against installing a sani-station for the many RVs that residents already own, as well as the many RVs that visit our fair city and spend their tourist dollars here.

Oh yes, I get it; there’s a grant available for the electric outlets. It will come from a higher government agency, or in other words, from one of our other pockets.

I don’t recall seeing or hearing anything about who will pay the cost of the electricity for these “fill-ups.”

Will we, the taxpayer, be on the hook for that?

Will an attendant be required, and if so, who pays for that?

I realize that going green is the buzzword of the day, “motherhood” and all that, to which I also subscribe, but really, Madam Mayor and Councillors, we need a sani-station far more that the proposed electrical recharge stations.

Terry and Sharron Bradley