More than tankers coming off the rails

So there’s more than aging oil bearing tankers “coming off the rails” these days.

Dear Editor:

So there’s more than aging oil bearing tankers ( “coming off the rails” these days, internationally, nationally, provincially, regionally and locally.

Malaysian Air Lines flight 370 is lost; and in South Korea an overloaded ferry tips over, leaving 300 dead or missing, mostly high school students. The captain and some crew members are arrested and Premier Chung Hong-won resigns.

Since then two subway trains collide in Seoul and off Greece, 22 bodies are found after a migrant boat capsizes.

In Ottawa a National Fair Elections Act is called “unfair” as Minister of State for Democratic Reform, Pierre Polievre, is alternatively referred to as a lightweight, arrogant, a clown and a pit bull.

In Alberta, Premier Alison Redford resigns after only two and a half years after winning the election for the Progressive Conservative Party. Her management style and lavish travel expenses are criticized.

In Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath, in disagreement over the 2014 budget, withdraws her support for the minority Liberal government led by premier Kathleen Wynne. A general provincial election has been called for June 12.

At one time, in Alberta, we called it “Toronto the good” and jested a contest with first prize a one week Toronto vacation; second prize a two week vacation and today mayor Rob Ford and heart throb celebrity Justin Bieber have changed the image from “The Good” to negative.

Major Canadian news networks report a steadily increasing number of people shopping online and there’s concern in most local communities about more vacant retail space on main streets. “Fragile” being the most frequently and accepted euphemism for the economy.

In Penticton there is feuding over tourism, hospitality services and a hotel tax.

Meanwhile in Summerland,  some fantasize that housing developments on prime agricultural land will bring residents that are not online shoppers and that building a large new library half a block from the old library is going to revitalize Main Street.

Probably wishing not to remember Bob Dylan’s folk anthem that said: “the times they are a changing”.

Dick Clements