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LETTER: Thanks to excellent health-care workers

Summerland is fortunate to have these professionals

Dear Editor:

I recently returned home after a two-week staycation as a guest at Penticton Regional Hospital.

I cannot speak highly enough of all staff and the kindness, compassion, caring, respect and patience that was shown to me.

The Summerland paramedics – Denver, Jake, Glenda and the two whose names I have forgotten – were professionals in getting me into the ambulance and transporting me. Three times.

Constantly talking softly, explaining everything they did in a soft voice. Summerland is fortunate to have these professionals.

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I was met at emergency by more professionals. More kindness, compassion, gentleness and caring. The bedside manner of the doctors was exemplary. Admitted and moved to rooms. Again everyone I met so genuine.

What really hit home for me was a conversation I had with a staff person. We exchanged names, pleasantries, etc. A couple of days later she popped into my room and I said, “Good morning.” She got the biggest smile, grasped her hands and said, “It makes me so happy that you remembered my name.” Such a small gesture that brightened her day. This lady works 16-hour days at two facilities, six days a week. And still such a bubbly personality.

The nurse who came to me with an idea to try. She explained what she and her colleagues had been discussing to help me and wanted my thoughts. I’m ready for anything by this time.

These discussions may be what happens on overnight shifts. But they took the idea to the doctor and treatment was changed. Thank you to the doctors for letting nurses and staff be part of the team. Good ideas come from out of the blue sometimes.

The porters who moved me within the hospital on a stretcher. I was certain we were going to hit a wall more than once but they have everything under control.

The staff who delivered my meals. Almost always called me by name and would say, “Good morning, enjoy your breakfast,” or, “Have a good afternoon.” Always with a bright cheery smile. If I had company, housekeeping would ask if they could come in or should come back. Everyone so considerate.

Follow up appointment with the doctor. At the end of the appointment she said, “So what do you need from us? How can we support you?” No medical person has ever asked that. At this point another month minimum of continued treatment but it is only a month. This too shall pass.

We all know people in the medical field are over worked and understaffed but just a small gesture of remembering their name and acknowledging them I believe helped them get through another day. I will be eternally grateful for the care I got there. But they are the ones putting forth the effort to be the professionals.

Dorothy Inglis


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