LETTER: Stark differences between Summerland’s two mayoral candidates

LETTER: Stark differences between Summerland’s two mayoral candidates

Contrast seen in platforms and approaches taken by Toni Boot and Janet Peake

Dear Editor:

There are two candidates vying to be mayor of Summerland.

The all-candidates forum demonstrated many similarities with a few stark contrasts, which is not surprising given they were both members of the same council that did many positive things.

However, there is at least one important difference between the two candidates.

Toni Boot has a clearly articulated agenda that calls for an open and collaborative neighbourhood planning process.

These neighbourhood plans, together with the OCP and the Cultural Plan, will serve to provide a solid platform from which developers can take their cues and council’s decisions will be guided by a set of community principles.

Janet Peake’s first plank is working toward a “progressive welcoming community.”

Aside from a distinct lack of any specificity, one is left to wonder: is that code to pave paradise and put up a parking lot? Janet supported both the land swap and the Banks Crescent project to build 400-plus condos on a silt bank smack in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood.

Clearly both proposals sit outside council’s guiding principles which informed Toni’s votes on these issues.

Before I considered working to support Toni’s campaign, I wanted clarity from her on her commitment to serving out her term as mayor.

She has assured me of her commitment with a vision that clearly outlines her love of the community and the practical reality that she can have a greater positive impact on Summerland as mayor than in any other elected position.

While the two candidates agree on much, the contrasts are stark.

I support thoughtful planning for all neighbourhoods, securing our water supply and looking to diversify community business with an eye to creating conditions for low impact growth opportunities such as knowledge workers and digital technologies.

I support Toni Boot for mayor.

Dan Dinsmore