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LETTER: Response to dogs following rock slide considered heartless

Elderdog worker told to remove anilas from Summerland housing complex

Dear Editor:

In these challenging times we all need to be considerate and helpful to those in need. This wasn’t the case recently at one Summerland housing complex.

I was one of the Summerland residents who got caught behind the slide on Monday, Aug. 28. I was returning from a doctor appointment in Kelowna.

Caught by surprise, I was frantic. I had two small dogs at home.

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After calling several friends who were unavailable, I finally reached one who could help. She walks my dogs regularly with Elderdog and they know her.

She not only went to my house and brought them to her place but she called a friend in Peachland (a 92-year-old woman) who took me in for the night.

I left early the next morning to head home via the Connector. My friend was taking the dogs for their morning walk at 8:30 Tuesday morning when the manager of her complex walked by, giving her a puzzled look.

My friend explained the situation saying the owner would be home later that day. The manager gave a nod and resumed walking past. However at 10:30 her attitude changed.

On the other side of their fence are two large dogs who are always barking when someone walks by. My two dogs heard them barking and immediately joined them. My friend quickly closed her patio door and cautioned the dogs to stop barking. This happened twice.

Her neighbour complained to the manager who then came to my friend’s patio door to say the dogs had to go. She brought them back home and waited for me to return.

I got home at 1:30 p.m. and was relieved to find the dogs in good hands.

Upon hearing the attitude of the manager at the housing complex, I was very disappointed that someone could be so heartless to a caring person who rescued my dogs in an emergency situation.

Carroyl Taylor


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