LETTER: Other provinces transfer insurance and power funds

LETTER: Other provinces transfer insurance and power funds

Manitoba and Saskatchewan follow same practice as in British Columbia

Dear Editor:

Sheila White states that it is time for the provincial government to pay back both ICBC and BC Hydro for funds that were transferred from these two taxpayer-owned corporations to province of B.C. general revenue.

I ask Sheila why does the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba do exactly the same.

Both provinces have their own insurance and hydro corporations.

The present Saskatchewan party government in Saskatchewan and the Progressive Conservative government in Manitoba transfer corporation funds on a regular basis.

These two provinces also had previous NDP governments which did the same, and even in B.C. when B.C. had past NDP governments, transfers were also made.

In summary, Sheila, B.C. is a province in the country of Canada, following the same procedures other provinces do, but with your comments you are treating B.C. like it is its own country.


Joe Sawchuk