LETTER: Motocross track noises would be too loud

For residents who work shifts, including nights, you can’t always plan sleep time in advance.

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter from Brock Leitner regarding “Motocross rider needs track” in the Summerland Review Sept. 8.

Mr. Leitner’s track was built without permits, on Agricultural Land Reserve land. The track is on area F (farmland).

Refer to the ALR regulations, Mr. Leitner is in contravention of the permitted land use.

No permits had been applied for when the track was constructed. This is also in contravention of ALR Regulations.

Mr. Leitner has already broken his own rules and was riding after 6pm in July. This is in breach of permitted use of ALR land once again.

For residents who work shifts, including nights, you can’t always plan sleep time in advance.

His intentions also ruin the spontaneity of hosting events.

A 250cc motocross bike emits 124 decibels of noise at a pass by distance of 100 metres (Granneman, Schermer, Huizer, and Jochemsen, 2005). 85 decibels of noise causes permanent damage to human ears (Snap tortoise, 2016).

This doesn’t take into account the threshold of pain a human ear can tolerate (let alone an animal).

The threshold of pain is between 1,000 Hz and 5,000 Hz if the sound is below 120 decibels (Seaway and Vuille, 2015).

My property is close to this track. The potential hearing damage, stress and overall well-being to my family, animals, as well as the neighbouring breeding livestock farms has not been accounted for (refer to bylaw 1526).

Many athletes relocate to be nearer their training facilities in order to follow their dreams. Many people relocate for their work.

Some people have the dream to live in the countryside and farm.

With the greatest of respect, exploring other options may be the answer in order for Mr. Leitner to continue to pursue his dream career?

A. Spink



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