LETTER: ‘Fix it’ order would quiet vehicles

I believe mufflers on vehicles and aircraft need to be addressed.

Dear Editor:

I believe mufflers on lawn mowers, pressure washers, quads, dirt bikes, Harleys and other motorcycles, some vehicles and aircraft need to be addressed, but in the meantime, there is one thing the RCMP can do about loud vehicles and motorcycles.

They can issue a ‘fix it’ order to have a vehicle checked to make sure the vehicle being driven has a stock or conforming muffler.

So if you feel there may be an aftermarket muffler on a vehicle, you can complain about that to the RCMP, but the RCMP have to catch the vehicle being driven and then the RCMP can issue a ‘fix it’ order where the owner of the vehicle is required to take the vehicle in for a fix, or get something from the repair shop to show the RCMP that their vehicle conforms.

Sharon Schnurr