LETTER: Fintry Queen would benefit community

LETTER: Fintry Queen would benefit community

Sightseeing tour boats operate successfully around the world

Dear Editor:

Is the Fintry Queen a bad idea? I don’t think so.

Sightseeing tour boats operate successfully around the world.

Thousands of travellers and local residents will get to experience the panorama of the Okanagan Valley.

Being on the water, seems to mark a special moment in time in many peoples lives.

The ship carried more than 30,000 passengers a year out of Kelowna, before the days of the Internet.

Since 1968 there have only been four owners. Kelowna has grown, the harbour has changed.

The ship needs room to cruise and a new home.

Passengers boarding in Summerland, may cross to Naramata, cruise south to Penticton, or north to Okanagan Mountain Park.

The ship will loop around, offering scheduled departures, several times a day. We can have 325 passengers of all ages travelling safely in most weather conditions.

Activity on the waterfront boardwalk at night will make the parks a safer place.

Everyone will have greater access to Okanagan Lake and share lifetime memories. Mechanically the ship’s in great shape, ready to run.

Built as an icebreaker, with an extra thick hull and designed to get close to shore.

The bow boarding ramp makes many landing sites possible.

The paddlewheel is now part of this ship’s history too, honouring paddelwheelers of the past.

With a new dock and some new paint and she’ll soon be ready to go. 2017 will be a renovation and set-up year, for scheduled cruises, banquets and weddings starting in 2018.

We’ll create jobs and opportunities for local businesses. We’ll partner in the regional tourism plan.

We’ll contribute to the community.

Andy Schwab