LETTER: Efforts made to preserve church’s heritage

LETTER: Efforts made to preserve church’s heritage

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Summerland has replaced its roof

Dear Editor:

I am sure you and many of the citizens of Summerland have noticed the scaffolding this summer around St. Stephen’s Anglican Church on Prairie Valley Road.

After many years of fund raising and putting money aside we were able to replace the roof of the church which was sorely in need of repair.

In our efforts, the congregation of St. Stephen wanted to ensure that the integrity of the heritage status of the building would be preserved.

Due to costs, we were unable to replace the roof with the traditional cedar shake roof the building has had since 1909 when the cornerstone was laid for the “new” Anglican Church.

We had to resort to the use of asphalt shingles but endeavoured to choose a style that would mimic the original style of the roof.

We also chose to use a composite shake material for the vertical sides of the bell tower and the roof of the steeple.

Again we feel both the new roof and the bell tower/steeple have successfully preserved the heritage value of the church and that St. Stephen continues to add to the historical and present ambience of our community.

On behalf of the church council of St. Stephen, I would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the many members of the congregation and the community for the contributions to assist us in raising the necessary funds to have this project completed. It has been the support of the congregation and the members of the community over the past eight years; attending teas, lobster dinners, and other fund raising projects that has enabled us to replace the roof. This was more a community project than a congregational project!

I would also like to thank Shamrock Roofing and Exteriors of Oliver for the excellent advice, patience and workmanship in doing the renovation. They were as dedicated to preserving the heritage nature of the building as we were.

Terry Green

Warden, St. Stephen’s Anglican Church


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