LETTER: Disappointed in coverage

LETTER: Disappointed in coverage

Dear Editor:

I have run before in elections. I have advertised with Black Press newspapers on the Island.

Never have I seen a finger on democracy like what was done to me in the print edition of this week’s newspaper.

I had no picture and the copy was under another.

I submitted within the deadline period. I sent an email prior asking if any questions to contact me yet my profile and bio was not shown.

Why did you wish to put your thumb on the election?

I don’t know you and have done nothing but put my name forward and you choose to minimize me and my campaign.

Many supporters called to say they were angry.

Many blamed either of the mayoralty candidates.

If you run the whole article again then the other councillors will receive twice as much coverage as I do.

I will continue to press on and do my best to make a difference in Summerland even if the Summerland Review chose to put its finger on the scales in the election.

Very sad and I am sure it’s not what David Black had in mind when he bought the paper.

If you don’t like me or my campaign to make Summerland more business and taxpayer friendly then why not contact me instead of deleting or minimizing me.

You don’t know me and did not ask but chose to make me invisible.

Many wanted me to run due to my business and council success in the past,

I just didn’t know that the newspaper was in the business of choosing sides.

Ron Kubek