LETTER: Development would benefit Summerland

Having worked in the Health Care industry for the past 30 years I am acutely aware of the need for seniors housing.

Dear Editor:

Re: ICASA project located at Banks Crescent, Summerland, B.C.

The purpose of my letter is to outline why the ICASA Senior Care development will be beneficial to my home town.

I was born and raised in Summerland and raised my family here. Having worked in the Health Care industry for the past 30 years I am acutely aware of the need for seniors housing both now and in the future.

When my partners the Lang family and I had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive Seniors Care facility through theLark Group we were very excited to see the property developed for this purpose.

When considering this development proposal please keep in mind the following points

The Lower town area that contains the Lang vineyard was always intended to include seniors housing as part of theOfficial Community Plan. The Langs are very supportive of this conversion of their property as they state “this is the last year we will produce grapes on this 6.5 acres.” True it will mean the vineyard will be transformed, however the vineyard is on stand alone agricultural land not in the Agricultural Land Reserve. As owners, we understood this property would be converted and had been looking for the right fit, which we found in the Lark Group.

Thirty three per cent (and increasing per year) of the approximately 12,000 residents of Summerland are 55 years and older, one of the highest senior base per capital in B.C.

There is inadequate senior care housing to meet the current and future demands of our aging community. The occupancy rate from Penticton to Kelowna in Assisted Living/Independent Supportive/Complex and Dementia Care facilities have long wait lists.

Our managing arm, Saint Elizabeth Health Care Services, offers a unique Telehealth service to the Summerland community. Look at features that are included. https://elizz.com/services/personal-care

ICASA seniors care facilities will bring the following services and supports to our community.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care will train Summerland residents first, we will work with the local Okanagan College and SeniorSchool System ensuring quality health care and service programs.

Saint Elizabeth will bring a unique Home Care division available to all Citizens of Summerland, including at home nurse care.

Dementia Care, Complex Care and Assisted Living suites will be present and accessible.

Purchasers of market suites will have the ability to receive independent health care at home from on site staff.

Resident transportation will be provided (as it is in most seniors communities) therefore ensuring residents travel to doctors’ offices, outings and events.

We partnered with the Lark Group due to their Community minded give back philosophy and their 45-year history of building quality Health Care Communities. The Lark Group is a family run “best practice” development company who have the highest standard of results and customer satisfaction. I invite you to visit their website to view many of their successful projects.

Please come to our open house presentation on Dec. 6 from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at the IOOF Hall, 9536 Main St., presented by myself and the Lark Group.

I am looking forward to returning to my home town as a proud resident of this progressive development. We look forward to hearing from the community and addressing the benefits and your concerns.

Gary Tamblyn


New Essence Health Care Management Services Ltd.

West Kelowna