LETTER: Crews helped after tree fell

LETTER: Crews helped after tree fell

Summerland fire and electrical workers provided efficient, courteous help

Dear Editor:

A large tree fell on my electrical wires, landed on a metal fence and missed us by feet.

Needless to say, we were in shock.

The mast was even ripped from the roof of our house.

Deputy fire chief Rob Robinson as always was calm, professional and used his sense of humour which never ceases to make things easier for me.

Ryan Robillard of the electrical department was also here in a flash and disconnected the dangerous mess so efficiently and called to let me know the house was safe.

Not sure who was all in the fire truck on guard, but I need to say how much I appreciate all these people and what they do for us.

These men called me a few times afterward to assure me things were safe.

I am so grateful.

Jean Flebbe