LETTER: Comments about iCasa are incorrect

I have heard a few comments on the iCasa Living Resort. If I may share my thoughts directing to a few of these comments.

Dear Editor:

I have heard a few comments on the iCasa Living Resort. If I may share my thoughts directing to a few of these comments.

The first comment I heard was “only a few of the residents would receive any kind of assistance of care” and “this is just going to be a bunch of condos.”

Well, in my experience, history of working in health care/seniors housing and implementing a “health and wellness hub” these comments are incorrect.

All the residents of iCasa Living Resort will have the opportunity to enjoy all the care components that Saint Elizabeth Health Care will deliver. For an example, morning and afternoon care, bathing assistance, medication reminders, mobility assistance, 24/7 monitoring, etc.

Did you know that Saint Elizabeth is planning to have a local home care base?

This means all of Summerland and area can receive the same care components (noted above) as iCasa residents receive.

As for the “just condos,” please visit the website, wwwicasaliving.ca we are more than “just condos.”

Another comment that crossed my path. “In Summerland, there is no place for our families or young people to live”.

Fair enough, my experience is when a new build of seniors housing development emerges, following will occur:

Roughly 20 per cent of local housing will enter real-estate or rental market. We are building 380 suites.

Families will move into town due to creation of job training and marketing of jobs.

The trend that I have experienced, is these seniors who move to their new senior’s community may tend to rent their home, many seniors are house rich and enjoy using the extra income for travel, recreational activities, etc.

Yet another comment centres around wages of our employment classifications at iCasa Living Resort. Again, in my experience and history working in this field, employees are well paid with excellent benefits.

We will need RNs, LPNs, Registered Care Aids, multi-service worker, culinary servers, cooks, assistant cooks, housekeepers, management, office and maintenance personnel.

Let’s not forget the subcontractors that will be part of our structure.

Will there be spin off jobs for local business owners? In my experience town business owners will see an increase of revenue and will need to hire staff.

Like other seniors communities, the iCasa Living Resort will have amenities for their residents and guests. There will be a small theatre (possible seating for 20 residents).

Movie travelogues and educational training sessions are commonly enjoyed. Yes, we may have a “popcorn and movie night.”

We will have a hair dressing studio used primary for the Independent/Assisted living/Memory Care/Complex Care residences.

We hope to have a Kindergarten/Pre-school program integrating seniors with youth.

The residents that live in the purchased A and B side of iCASA (as well as building C -Independent/Assisted) will enjoy traveling to Summerland town to purchase their goods.

Gary Tamblyn CEO/Owner

New Essence Healthcare Management Services Ltd.