LETTER: Board members must act responsibly

I am still hearing stories of societies and their non-existent useless practices.

Dear Editor:

Having harped on this subject before, I am still hearing stories of societies and their non-existent useless practices.

It was very refreshing to hear that someone who had problems with the Friends of the Gardens Board of Directors actually did something about it.

That was a while ago but this trend continues.

Many of the numerous society boards in Summerland have no idea of their responsibilities and/or their actual jobs as part of a board.

This is still evident as good people who are hired by boards are being dismissed from their positions and accused with trivial accusations dreamt up by malicious staff and meddling, nasty board members who have nothing better to do.

One main problem is the fact that these boards do not have a clue about what their responsibilities as board members really are.

Case in point; I once worked for a board in Summerland and some perspective board members had not ever visited the venue.

Why did they take the job? Does it build up their self-esteem or make them feel more important? Do they try to become more knowledgeable and learn the duties of an active member? No, they just think everyone might show them a little more respect having landed that job which they continually screw up for many years.

Many board members do not take the already in place directors’ manual seriously and many are allowed to remain on that board far too long.

However the practice continues and good staff can lose their jobs, perhaps suing for wrongful dismissal and/or suffering the indignity of some accusation created by another staff person and agreed to by uninformed and uncaring board members.

There was a time when societies could receive training which made everything (including a heavy-handed chairperson) more fair for everyone.

It would be wonderful if something like a course could be offered in Summerland before all of the useless boards of directors end up with nothing to direct.

Sherril Foster,

Victoria Harbour, Ont.