Growth plan created with public consultation

This plan was not put together by council, planners or consultants.

Dear Editor:

The public hearing last Monday to discuss our new Official Community Plan revision brought some interesting questions about how our society reacts to modern media influence.

There were about 270 people in attendance, which is rather good for any planning issue, but I have to ask how many of the folks that attended the hearing, actually took to time to review the options and participate in the almost year long Future Summerland  process that lead up to the plan that we were there to discuss. Hopefully everyone.

This plan was not put together by council, planners or consultants.

It was put together by five times as many local residents who took time and effort over the past year to review the options and make compromises.

This is the community’s plan.

The reason the result is different this time is because this was the first time we were not told where the growth area can be.

Other OCPs  we were specifically told we were not allowed to modify ALR boundaries.

There was no OCP committee this time.

The entire process was left up to the residents that wished to participate.

Personally, I thought the young folks in the consulting group had a very innovative and “hands on” process, both to encourage participation and interpret the result.

Every time we made a change to the design the effect the instantly evident.

There really was no excuse to not become involved because it could actually be done in your own living room.

It always amazes me how so few folks are willing to become involved in our community planning when the planning is actually being done, but are so willing to attend a one-night event and complain about the result.

Don Hudgeon