Gaming handouts detailed

Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch has a new website.

Often in my weekly reports I have included updates on B.C. gaming funds in large part because there are frequently a large amount of inquiries around this topic that I receive on an ongoing basis.

Recently the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch has created a newly updated website that contains information that was not always available previously.

The new site is located at and also includes the master list of all organizations that receive gaming funds.

This information can be displayed in different formats including on a community by community basis.

If you have further questions regarding the gaming funds process please do not hesitate to contact my office.

On a different theme, beginning on last Friday, June 15, British Columbia’s revised drinking and driving laws have again returned to be enforced by members of the RCMP.

The increased penalties announced in the fall of 2010 remained unchanged.

However, there are new procedures that motorists should be aware of.

In the event that a driver “fails” it is now mandatory to be advised of the right to a second test that would be conducted on a different device.

If there is a difference in the result of a second test, the lower result of the two tests will prevail.

In addition the immediate roadside suspension may again be used against those drivers who register a “fail” reading as an alternative to the full current criminal code process.

In addition, more documentation will be available with respect to roadside screening device calibration accuracy.

Since the new regulations were introduced in September of 2010, alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths in B.C. have dropped by more than 40 per cent, this means 71 fewer fatalities.

Would you like more input into governance?

The BC Government has introduced a new website located at the “Gov. Together” website is intended to list all of the current opportunities to share your input and ideas in specific areas as listed on the website.

Currently there are already 32 different consultations listed online with many more being added in the near future.

Some of the topics range from the cosmetic use of pesticide to requests for input on the Natural Resource Road Act. As both of these topics have been of previous interest to local citizens they may desire to visit this new website to share further input.

Finally this week as graduation ceremonies approach, a reminder that it is illegal to provide liquor to under age minors.

Recently British Columbia increased the penalty for anyone caught supplying liquor to underage minors. The new penalty has been increased up to $575 and these tickets can be issued by both law enforcement and provincial liquor inspectors.

Let’s ensure that all celebrations that occur do so safely and responsibly.



Bill Barisoff is the MLA for the riding of Penticton.