Food Bank received community support

As the president of the Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre I would like to acknowledge the generosity so many exhibit.

As the president of the Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre I would like to acknowledge the generosity so many exhibit.

In 2014, in addition to operational grants from the District of Summerland and the United Way, we received cash donations from 145 individuals and families, 22 businesses, 19 service clubs and community groups, five employee groups, five churches and three schools.

Your donations of food make up the bulk of what we are able to distribute. In 2014 we received 833 food donations comprised of 11,100 pounds from individuals and food drives, 5,700 pounds from food stores and restaurants, 3,450 pounds through gift cards and 550 pounds from Food Banks Canada.

Food was distributed to 558 clients (382 adults and 176 children in 246 household units). Our households include 104 singles, 37 couples, 59 single parent families and 42 two-parent families. They included 66 receiving disability benefits, 62 earning income from employment  and 43 receiving welfare.

In May 2013 we opened our resource centre containing a library of resource materials, free computer and Internet services, two offices shared by social service agencies to meet with their Summerland clients, a laundry room and an accessible washroom with shower. The washroom and laundry facilities, added in 2014, were paid for by the Summerland Rotary Club with the Summerland Kinsmen donating the laundry equipment. In 2014, 217 clients used the computers, 139 met with a social service agency in our offices, 74 received emergency food, 28 used our fax machine, six received help with job searches, 14 used the shower and 29 used the laundry.

There are about 50 board members and volunteers. Board members take care of accounting, grant applications, food purchasing, public relations, fundraising and events. Other volunteers unload, weigh, check and store food donations, make up hampers, assist clients to select and carry food, provide transportation and cover our help desk when our resource coordinator is out of the office.

Finally we would like to thank our resource coordinator, Tara Hollas, the first contact for anyone who needs our services.

The Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre is able to make a positive difference in the lives of so many because of your help. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

John Bubb, president

Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre