Family questions regulation of facility

Our parents’ deaths are only two deaths that have been made public this past year.

Dear Editor:

Our parents’ deaths are only two deaths that have been made public this past year.

There have been other deaths and many other incidents over the past years.

Between management and staff a lot of complaints were simply ignored. In the spring of 2012 there was a similar incident to our father’s.

You would think management would have made changes to the way they report a resident’s absence, rather than sweeping it under the carpet.

It’s big of them now to say they are making changes to procedures, policies, staff training, reporting and supervision since Interior Health and Ministry of Health were brought in.

What happened to our father is inexcusable.

They keep referring to “human error.” You can use whatever excuse you want. If it was one day, yes for incompetent staff. Two or three days, we consider that criminal.

We believe some staff is not trained, lack the” care” in care aid and lack common sense. They are just there for the paycheque.

A lot of this reflects on management, work load, wages and bottom line private enterprise looking after their almighty dollar.

With regards to our mother falling, she had severe dementia and hadn’t walked or stood up on her own for years. Therefore she was dropped due to some incompetent employee not practicing proper safety protocol and who didn’t even record or report the accident. As a result our mother was not sent for an x-ray until a week later.

We understand accidents happen. Due to their failing to report the accident, in paperwork or verbal, the doctor who saw her a few days after the accident didn’t know she was dropped. He probably would have made a different diagnosis, as well as the other LPNs and aids that saw her all at different times.

Interior Health and licensing are ultimately responsible.

Our family has paid a huge price for the lack of governing (supervision). Please put yourselves in our shoes for the past four months and ask yourself how you would feel.

We’ve had issues at Seniors Village for the past six years, so it has been a long walk for us.

They now are implementing all these changes in residential care and planned changes as listed in the Dec. 19 edition of the Summerland Review.

It is inconceivable to us how a seniors’ facility has been able to get away operating without all this in place to begin with.

What kind of supervision has Interior Health and Licensing provided to our seniors?

Taxpayers are you aware their “human errors” are being paid for by you?

Liana Bonaldi Felker

Edi Inglis

Pat McCoy