Energy revolution

Innovative energy device could be a boost for Summerland.

A combined heat and power unit, developed in Summerland, has the potential to reduce power consumption and, by extension, reduce the amount of money spent on costs of heat and electricity.

Jai Zachary’s Revolution unit, unveiled last week, is an example of a practical green technology development.

The environmental benefits are obvious. When technologies work together, the result is something far more efficient than if separate systems are in place for heat, power, air conditioning and hot water. Customers can reduce their energy consumption and possibly feed surplus back into the grid.

Messages about energy conservation have been repeated many times and the Revolution provides a way to cut back on energy consumption.

This in turn can result in lower costs for the users.

As energy costs continue to rise, developments such as this one will become increasingly important, especially in areas where the climate is more extreme and the demand for power is greater.

Any method which can cut power costs deserves strong consideration.

While the cost benefits for individuals and business users are easy to see, there is another advantage for Summerland.

If the Revolution goes into production in Summerland, it would represent an important boost to the economic sector.

There have been some unfortunate job losses in the community in recent years. Producing new jobs would have widespread benefits for everyone.

At present, just one unit has been installed in Summerland and it is too early to see the full effects of using the Revolution. As more people switch to the unit, the community will be able to get a better understanding of its impact.

In a world of rising energy costs and in a community where job creation is essential, the Revolution deserves a closer examination.