Electric vehicle advantages seen

Without much fanfare the District of Summerland has legalized the use of Low Speed Vehicles on its roads.

Dear Editor:

Without much fanfare the District of Summerland has legalized the use of Low Speed Vehicles  on its roads.

Many people don’t even know what an LSV is.  As an ordinary citizen I am not that knowledgeable myself.

I have started to research the issue and am quickly learning to appreciate them as an important component of Summerland’s development strategy.

Like myself many citizens have provided input to the “Where do we grow from here?” campaign.

We will soon learn about the formal recommendations prepared by the consultants and how council will formulate these into a strategy for the future of Summerland.

Based on what I have witnessed in various discussions, I anticipate that the preservation of our natural environment and a safe, friendly, people-oriented community will be essential to the success of this strategy.

LSVs are great facilitators to achieve this vision.

They are compact electric vehicles, equipped with lights and safety features.

They are smaller and cheaper than cars and designed to get around town.

Due to their low speed and open construction, LSVs will make it easier for us to mingle as we conduct our daily business around town, drive our dog to the Rodeo Grounds for a walk along the KVR trail, head up to Giants Head Park for the nice views or get the grandkids down to Peach Orchard Beach.

I personally believe that the introduction of Low Speed Vehicles will allow citizens to further improve the quality of life in our town.

The passing of the LSV bylaw however, is only the first step.  I’d like to be part of making LSVs a reality and that is up to us as members of the community.

Are you curious or knowledgeable about Low Speed Vehicles?

I have set up an e-mail account at LSVforSL@shaw.ca and would like to initiate some dialog among the citizens of Summerland.

Drop me a note and we’ll take it from there.

Henry Sielmann