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Drainage must be considered in Summerland road upgrades

Giants Head Road has had water issues during previous weather event
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Dear Editor:

The plans for the Giants Head Road upgrades do not appear to take into account the drainage in the area. Please see drawing 2052-00-C-104. (See—-giants-head-road-upgrades-(final).pdf?sfvrsn=b870cefb_0)

In 2007 there was a rainfall event that dumped 50 millimetres of rainfall within a two hour period. Water was cascading off the bedrock of the Giant’s Head in waterfalls.

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It demonstrated a historic watercourse behind the house at 8208 Giants Head Rd. and poured down the driveway and across Giants Head Road to take out the swimming pool at 8205 Giants Head Rd. on its way to Zimmerman’s Gulch and then to the lake.

Climate experts tell us that we can expect more significant weather events and we are certainly hearing about them on the news.

Our province had a very tough time last fall and many people were adversely affected by a major rainfall event to the west of us.

Summerland’s Master Drainage Plan recommends with regard to this area, that when Giants Head Road is upgraded, the District of Summerland should “construct ditching along the west side of Giant’s Head Road with a culvert crossing at the low point. Install erosion-protected, landscaped swale through the private property (easement required).’”

Installing a new road base across a watercourse creates significant likelihood that water will be diverted into a new channel. This stretch of Giant’s Head Road has a number of houses below the road on the east side and vulnerable to water flows.

Addressing the matter now while the road is under construction is much simpler than cleaning up the mess of a weather event.

And its much cheaper.

Lorraine Bennest


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