Doing business

There’s a renewed focus on business in Summerland these days.

There’s a renewed focus on business in Summerland these days.

Last week, members of the Summerland Chamber and members of municipal council and staff visited businesses to hear comments and concerns.

In the coming weeks, a task force, to be selected by Mayor Peter Waterman, will look at economic development in Summerland.

The initiatives have the potential to generate dialogue and discussion about the state of Summerland’s economy.

By consulting with business owners and representatives, the chamber and municipal staff will be able to determine if there are specific areas to address in order to improve business in the community.

The same is true of the task force. By bringing together business leaders, it is possible to identify and address areas of concern.

The results of last week’s Business Walk will be compiled and presented to municipal council in November.

The recommendations from the mayor’s task force will come to council by June of next year.

Both have the potential to present an accurate picture of doing business in Summerland.

The understanding gained from the Business Walk summary and from the task force will provide important information and insights.

However, it is not enough to end with the reports, no matter how comprehensive they may be. Studies, discussions and task forces by themselves are not enough.

It is important to listen to the concerns of those doing business in Summerland, but it is even more important to ensure that the concerns are addressed if possible.

A report, no matter how comprehensive, is of little value unless it results in some changes.

If Summerland’s economy is to improve, some decisive actions will be necessary.