Dog has local connection

Dear Editor:

Thank you very much for last weeks article on our dog. We have received other questions about the dog program.

How did the sponsorship of a Summerland guide dog start?

Last year, the Kiwanis governor of the Pacific Northwest District challenged each of the Kiwanis Clubs to start a new project to help dogs. We decided to help sponsor a guide dog through the B.C. Guide Dog services based in Delta.

How was the name Summer chosen?

All public school children in Summerland were asked to submit suggestions. A total of 127 applications were submitted. 

Because the trainers wanted a two-syllable rather than three-syllable name, the submission Summerland was shortened to Summer.

Will Summer end up in Summerland?

Not necessarily. When training is finished, Summer will be placed with a B.C. family who needs her special training and skills.

Do we have any say in Summer’s training?

No. The puppies start from scratch. As their aptitudes and skills develop, they develop into different types of trained guide dogs (seeing eye, medical alert bomb sniffing, etc.)

How old is Summer?

Summer was born on Nov. 21, 2010 along with her brothers Zulu and Tim. Their parents are Guillie, a black Labrador retriever and Tiller, a golden retriever.

How can individuals contribute to the program?

We have made arrangements for the Summerland and District Credit Union to receive donations made out to the Summerland Kiwanis Club and marked Summer.

For what will these donations be used?

All money received must go back to the community either to help support other Kiwanis projects or if enough money is involved, to perhaps sponsor another guide dog as this project has been so well supported.

John Tamblyn