Concern for taxpayers was needed earlier

Dear Editor

I find it amusing that Bill Barisoff has the nerve to lecture British Columbians on the merits of the HST while the fact that it is not revenue neutral comes to light.

I would suggest that his concern for the pain taxpayers might endure should the tax be revoked would better have been played during the build up to the Olympics when the cost overruns and overestimation of the resale market for the Olympic Village units might have saved us taxpayers quite a bit of money.

Bit late when the horse has already left the barn, eh Bill?

I admit to being infuriated every time someone tries to sell me the HST as a tax that will increase employment via business trickle downs.

I think the global economic collapse has taught us all that business and corporations are not really interested in us measly taxpayers.

Let me be the first to say “The Emperor is not wearing any clothes.”

Jane Curtin