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COLUMN: Numbers tell a positive story about Canada

International studies paint a positive picture of this country
A Canada flag is proudly flown from a boat on Okanagan Lake. (Contributed)

There’s a lot of good about Canada.

That is not just the opinion of millions of people who live in this country. International studies and statistics also paint a positive picture of Canada.

In terms of gross domestic product, the market value of all goods and services from a nation in a given year, Canada has the world’s ninth-largest economy.

Beyond finances, studies and statistics also show a good quality of life in Canada.

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The life expectancy in this country is 81.75 years, the 20th highest level in the world.

The World Happiness Index shows Canadians are in good spirits. This report, released annually, is an international publication from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, based in the United Nations.

The 2023 report has Canada in 13th place, with a score of 6.961. Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Israel and the Netherlands are among the few countries happier than Canada.

The Democracy Index, published annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit out of the United Kingdom, lists Canada in 12th place out of 167 countries. Canada is one of 24 countries listed as a full democracy. There are also flawed democracies, hybrid regimes and authoritarian nations on that list.

The democratic rights and freedoms we enjoy in this country are not present in other parts of the world.

The Social Progress Index, which ranks non-economic components of social performance, has Canada as a Tier 1 country, among the top in the world.

In 2022, the most recent report available, Canada ranked 10th in this list of 169 countries and in 2023 had a score of 88.17. This is below Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Iceland, but above Austria, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and France.

The United States is in 25th place on this list and is ranked as a Tier 2 country.

The Social Progress Index has the average world performance at 65.25. Canada is significantly above average.

If these international studies are not enough, there is one more set of figures to consider, and that has to do with the number of people choosing Canada as their home.

In the 2021 census, nearly one-quarter of those living in Canada were or had been a landed immigrant or permanent resident in this country. This is the highest proportion since Confederation, and the highest proportion among G7 countries.

More than 1.3 million immigrants settled in Canada between 2016 and 2021.

In 2022, the federal government had planned to welcome 431,645 new permanent residents to the country. This number was exceeded.

People from other parts of the world are choosing to make Canada their home. That is some of the highest possible praise for this country.

On July 1, as people across the country celebrate Canada Day, these numbers and statistics can help to show some of the best elements about this country.

There’s a lot to appreciate about Canada.

John Arendt is the editor of the Summerland Review.

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