COLUMN: Holiday season begins with lights, music and books

I hope everyone had a great time at Light Up. It seemed as though everything conspired to make the night nothing shy of perfect.

I hope everyone had a great time at Light Up last Friday night.

It seemed as though everything conspired to make the night nothing shy of perfect.

The temperatures were ideal for wandering around downtown and taking in all the great events and music and food that were set up.

I also hope everyone was able to make it over to the Arts Council building to check out everything that was going on there. Things were looking great and, more importantly, quite busy in there when we wandered over there.

This is a great time of year because people really take it on themselves to get creative with their houses. It’s really quite wonderful to see people who might not otherwise take the time to do creative things, do just that. From the most basic string of lights, all the way up to the more elaborate displays of lights, inflatables, lasers and music, people really tap into their inner creative person during the holiday season. If it’s not part of your routine to do so already, taking the time to walk or drive around town and check out the light displays that others put up is an excellent way to see how other people celebrate the season and spread the cheer around.

For those looking to take in a little holiday music, Musaic Vocal Group has just the thing for you. On Dec. 10, their annual holiday concert will take place at St. John’s Lutheran Church here in Summerland.

These concerts always offer a great variety of music, from holiday classics to new offerings. Tickets for this event are available at James on Kelly, or from choir members if you happen to know any. The show starts at 2:30 p.m.

Also coming up is an event I’m quite excited about, which is a book signing from local authors at the Summerland Library.

The event, which takes places on Saturday, Dec. 17, features the work of four different Summerland authors — T & R Critchow, Danny Evanishen, Danielle Krysa and Brandy Maslowski —and will be a fantastic chance to not only check out some local writers, but to get some books signed, as well—which is always a popular Christmas present for the book worm in your life.

I’ve been to events like this in the past at the library and the really interesting thing about them is always the fact that the writers always cover a number of different genres.

You get a really strong sense of what inspires the writers of Summerland as well as what avenues are open to those who might not yet be sure what they can do with their passion for writing.

My goal is to go into more detail about this event next week, so for those who want to know a little bit more about the authors and what they’ve done, be sure to tune in.