Auto repair business moving to larger facility

I am happy to announce that I have secured a new location in Summerland.

Dear Editor:

It would seem that with all the excitement of the new library that will be built, the art gallery, potters’ guild, and Red Cross having to find new locations, nobody thought to ask what Giant’s Head Auto Repair’s intentions were.

I suspect that the general population thought that the shop would just close down.

I am happy to announce that I have secured a new location in Summerland.

The business will be moving to the corner of Logie Road and McLachlan Street, right next door to Nixdorf Classic Cars.

I would like to thank Garnet and Tim Nixdorf, and George Giannotti of Okanagan Development Concepts.

The Nixdorfs had plans to build on this lot at some point, but when I approached them asking if they would build it right away, they were super helpful and willing to work with me.

Giant’s Head Auto will be at the current location on Main Street until the end of July, and will re-open at the new location in August.

Even though I won’t be in the heart of downtown anymore, I embrace the opportunity to move into a brand new building. It will be twice the size of my current location, and gives me the perfect opportunity to grow my business even further.

My staff and I will continue to provide the same great service, which includes giving our clients rides home, and of course picking them up again.

Jeff Schmidt