A place for the arts

The members of the Summerland Community Arts Council would like to have some permanence.

The members of the Summerland Community Arts Council would like to have some permanence.

At present, the arts centre and gallery is in a former retail location on Main Street, but questions have been raised about whether this will be a long-term location.

For 16 years, the gallery and arts centre had a home in the former municipal hall on Main Street.

Last year, this facility arrangement came to an end as the location was announced as the site for Summerland’s new library branch.

Since moving into the present location, the arts council members have devoted plenty of time and money to making the space work for their needs.

The work is needed since a gallery space has different requirements and lighting needs than a retail space.

The changes are needed whether the present space is an interim location or a long-term facility.

Because the arts council is a non-profit organization operating on a limited budget, the cost of interior renovations is significant.

The gallery and arts centre fills an important need within the community.

Summerland has long had a strong artistic tradition and some artists from this community have received international acclaim for their works.

It is important not only to recognize their achievements but to continue to provide an environment which encourages artistic endeavours.

The various shows at the gallery have become increasingly sophisticated and draw arts patrons from around the Okanagan.

And the arts council’s annual street banner project, entering its 17th year, has attracted interest from arts organizations in other communities.

The efforts to promote the arts are significant. But such efforts also require a long-term commitment and a permanent facility.