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Summerland’s snow measurements significantly lower than normal

Since Feb. 1, levels have been below historical averages

The snowpack levels at Summerland’s two measurement sites are significantly below normal, according to the latest readings.

The measurements were taken on April 1 at two sites west of Summerland.

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At Summerland Reservoir, the snow depth was 560 millimetres, or the equivalent of 182 millimetres of water. This is 80.5 per cent of the historical average water equivalent, based on 59 years of measurements.

At Isintok Lake, the snowpack was 360 millimetres, or the equivalent of 96 millimetres of water. This is 56.5 per cent of the historical water equivalent, based on 58 years of measurements.

In January, 2022, the snowpack at Summerland Reservoir was slightly above the historical average, while at Isintok Lake, it was at the historical average level. However, since that time, the snowpack levels have been lower than previous levels. At both sites, the April 1 measurements are the lowest recorded this year.

Snowpack measurements are taken at the beginning of each month until May 1. After that, the measurements are taken twice a month until the snow has melted.

The snowpack measurements are used to forecast the relative amount of runoff that will be available when the snow melts in spring.

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