An alert has been issued for Summerland’s water system. (District of Summerland map)

An alert has been issued for Summerland’s water system. (District of Summerland map)

Summerland issues water restriction advisory

Residents urged to limit drinking water consumption in Aug. 13 notice

The municipality of Summerland has issued a water restriction advisory to the community as a result of high levels of turbidity in the community’s water.

The advisory was issued on Aug. 13 at 9:49 a.m.

Because water in Trout Creek is experiencing high levels of turbidity, the municipality has shut the intake at the water treatment plant reservoir to protect this reservoir.

Turbidity is cloudiness or haziness caused by suspended solid matter in the water, which can be introduced by heavy runoff in large rainstorms.

“We are currently assessing the situation further and are asking the community to limit water consumption to minimal drinking water needs only at this time, to conserve the water, while we assess the situation,” a statement from the municipality reads.

Protecting the reservoir ensures that the turbid water does not contaminate the stored water and overwhelm the ability of the treatment plant to ensure drinking water quality.

In addition, the municipality has moved to Stage 5 watering restrictions. This is the most severe level of watering restrictions in the community. Under this restriction level, all watering and non-essential water use is prohibited.

Council recently approved a Water Utility Emergency Response Plan for the management of such situations and staff are following the processes set out in the plan while further information is gathered.

Further updates will be posted on the municipality’s website and Facebook page and through Voyent Alert! notifications.

The high level of turbidity is believed to have been caused by precipitation from the severe thunderstorms in the area on the evening of Aug. 12.

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