Snow pack above normal

When the snow melts this spring, there will be plenty of water to fill Summerland’s reservoirs, according to the latest municipal snow survey report.

Scott Lee, water operations manager for the municipality, said the snow pack levels at Summerland Reservoir and Isintok Lake are both at or above normal levels.

At Summerland Reservoir, the snow pack measures 868 millimetres, or the equivalent of 216 millimetres of water.

This is 105 per cent of the historic average of 206 millimetres over 51 years.

At Isintok Lake, the snow pack is at 673 millimetres, or the equivalent of 154 millimetres of water.

This is 100 per cent of the historic average for March 1, over 51 years.

Lee said the higher snow pack levels this year are a change from the last several years.

“It’s been several years since both reservoirs have been at or above normal,” he said.

By March 1, approximately 80 per cent of the snow pack has accumulated.

The reservoirs are still at around 40 per cent of capacity and in the winter, water consumption in Summerland is low.

Melting snow and runoff each spring fills the reservoirs, which then provide the water for Summerland’s domestic and irrigation needs.

In the summer, irrigation makes up the vast majority of Summerland’s water consumption.

Lee said the ground beneath the snow pack does not appear to be frozen. 

As a result, some of the melting snow will percolate and fill the aquifer rather than running off to fill ground water sources.