The Brenda Creek Wildfire on the morning of July 26. (BC Wildfire Service)

The Brenda Creek Wildfire on the morning of July 26. (BC Wildfire Service)

Scattered precipitation brings slight reprieve to Brenda Creek fire

Crews saw decreased fire behaviour due to the scattered rain and increased humidity

Light showers and scattered precipitation throughout the day has helped with the Brenda Creek fire, according to BC Wildfire.

Fire behaviour has reduced due to the rain and increased minimum relative humidity throughout the day. Structural protection remains in place on high value resources, including on the cabins in the Headwater Creek area. Crews will continue to patrol and extinguish hot spots along the powerlines. The fire is still classified as Out of Control and is estimated at approximately 824 ha.

However, the rain is not expected to last beyond the weekend.

“This is not a long-term reprieve, but this will definitely help the firefighters get a handle on the fires in the next couple of days with reduced fire behaviour,” said fire information officer Claire Allen.

Allen also said that weather conditions are very quickly changing and crews are always reporting on weather conditions on the ground. Meteorologists are also working to provide forecasts and spot forecasts for various parts of the fire.

“We’re hoping that the rain will continue. Our meteorologists forecasted anywhere between five millimetres and 15 millimetres of rain. It’s gonna be really scattered and we’re gonna see variable amounts of rain in the Okanagan Complex,” said Allen.

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