Sani-dump service returns

The sani-dump at the Trout Creek pullout in Summerland will reopen this summer on a trial basis.

The sani-dump at the Trout Creek pullout in Summerland will reopen this summer on a trial basis.

At the municipal council meeting on Monday evening, council voted unanimously to reopen the location for May to September on a trial basis.

In the past, a sani-dump facility had been in place at the site but it was later shut down because of the costs involved in the operation of the system and the effects it had on the municipality’s sewer system.

Don Darling, director of engineering and public works for the municipality, said municipal staff examined eight sites before choosing the Trout Creek pullout.

“There’s really no ideal location,” he said.

In a report to council, Darling said the sani-dump’s location, near the sewage treatment plant had been a problem in the past.

“The Trout Creek sani-dump’s close proximity to the waste water treatment plant does not allow sufficient time to dilute the emulsified solids prior to entering the waste water treatment plant,” the report said. “This causes problems with the treatment process.”

The location also resulted in high costs because of the additional chemical requirements at the treatment plant.

As a result, the wastes will no longer be treated at the waste water treatment plant. Instead, the wastes will be pumped and hauled away. At the busiest times in the summer, Darling expects the facility will have to be pumped three times a week.

Council will also implement a user pay system for the site. Darling recommended a user fee of $5 for those using the service.

Members of council had concerns about the sani-dump.

“The public does want this service,” said Mayor Janice Perrino. “We want to be able to provide it.”

“I think this is a good compromise,” said Coun. Bruce Hallquist.

Coun. Orv Robson said a better site will be needed in the future.

“My concern is the location,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a safe location. I think there are more reasonable areas.”