Library issues fraud alert

The Okanagan Regional Library is issuing a fraud alert.

The Okanagan Regional Library is issuing a fraud alert.

Some library members have been phoned by a scammer, identified himself or herself as “a collection agency working for the library” to collect overdue fees.

The regional library system only uses a collection agency in the event that a member has over $50 in fines over 90 days, and always follows up with a written account outlining the fees and methods of payment.

Members are never asked to pay fines over the phone.

One of the people who was called is not a library member, and the library’s IT department can confirm there has been no compromise to the personal information or the library’s data systems.

“With almost one in three people in our region being active library card holders, it is not difficult for a scammer to call people at random in an effort to commit fraud with this kind of tactic,” says public relations manager Marla O’Brien.

“This is another example of how savvy scam artists are becoming.”

If you receive a suspicious call, do not give any personal information and follow up with the Summerland library branch at 250-494-5591.