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Kelowna cop cleared after woman’s arm breaks during arrest

The incident happened April 26, 2022
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A Kelowna RCMP officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing after a woman’s arm was broken during apprehension under the Mental Health Act.

The Independent Investigations Office started investigating the case after a woman wrote a letter to Kelowna RCMP alleging a female officer had been overly aggressive and caused a serious injury.

On April 26, 2022, RCMP were directed by Form 21 under the Mental Health Act to apprehend a woman and bring her to hospital after symptoms of a brain injury caused the woman to be combative and belligerent.

Two officers, one male and one female, arrived at the address where the woman’s mother answered the door and told officers her daughter would not go willingly.

The officers took hold of her arms and lifted her up. The female officer had been holding the woman’s left arm which was found to be injured. A broken bone caused the woman to wear a brace for approximately three months.

The male officer was questioned by the IIO.

The officer told IIO he attempted to persuade the woman to go willingly to the hospital for about 20 minutes.

Being unsuccessful, the male officer said he took hold of the woman’s right arm and wrist while the female officer took hold of the woman’s left arm.

The woman resisted, pulling her arms back and tried to drop to the floor. The officer noted the woman was of larger build and his partner is much shorter, making it difficult to take control. The officer was able to handcuff the woman’s right wrist while his coworker struggled to control the left arm. The male officer claimed the woman calmed down once handcuffed.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the woman claimed to a nurse about pain in her arm. Medical records show the woman was diagnosed with a mid-shaft fracture of the left humerus.

The IIO released their findings on the case Aug. 10. The primary cause of the woman’s injuries were found to be resistance, which included the woman dropping her weight while being held by the arms.

Chief Civilian Director Ronald J. MacDonald found no reasonable grounds to believe the female officer committed an offence and the case will not be pushed forward for consideration of charges.

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