Sue Simpson is asking the community to send handmade cards and letters of encouragement to her son, Jessie. (Sue Simpson)

Sue Simpson is asking the community to send handmade cards and letters of encouragement to her son, Jessie. (Sue Simpson)

Kamloops mom asking for encouraging letters for son injured in 2016 assault

Sue Simpson hasn’t seen Jessie, whose nursing home is in lockdown due to COVID-19

Kamloops mother Sue Simpson wants to bring encouragement to her son after being unable to see him for nearly a month.

Simpson said her son Jessie’s nursing home is in lockdown after a COVID-19 outbreak and despite being fully vaccinated against the virus, she hasn’t been allowed to come in and see him.

Jessie first made headlines in 2016 after being attacked on his way home from a house party in 2016. Kristopher Teichrieb beat him with a baseball bat, causing severe damage and lifelong injuries to Jessie. Now 23 years old, Jessie needs round-the-clock care and is living in a nursing home.

Despite the outbreak, Sue said he, fortunately, hasn’t been infected, though he did get sick and needed care. Not being able to be there to take care of him has been difficult on both of them, she said.

Earlier in the summer, Sue had announced the house renovations were finished, which will accommodate Jessie and help her take care of him. She was ready to bring him home, but the fires threatening B.C. communities made her postpone his homecoming.

“The fires were all around us and actually, our house was threatened, so we were under evacuation alert for a while,” she said.

“He was supposed to come home on July 26. The house is ready for him, but I didn’t want to risk having him here while there were fires. And now it’s COVID. Now it’s a lockdown at his nursing home.”

She said that, all things considered, he’s doing well enough and continues to make progress mentally speaking. But not having his mother around is taking a toll.

“He said to me on the phone, ‘Mom, I miss your hugs, kisses and love,’” she said.

Which is why now, she’s asking once again for the community’s encouragement and support.

“The cards people sent from Christmas, we got about 600 of them, really helped Jessie.”

“I can read him the cards. It’s so nice to hear from people, hear their stories and to bring the world to him. The cards also help me too. The community encourages me too,” she said.

If you would like to send a handmade card or a letter of encouragement to Sue and Jessie, you can send it to PO Box 233 Savona, B.C. V0K 2J0.

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