Green’s Weaver rolls into Kelowna

Green’s Weaver rolls into Kelowna

Riding what the Green Party says is major momentum, leader Andrew Weaver arrives in Okanagan

Andrew Weaver rolled into Kelowna Sunday afternoon on a cloud of momentum the party is feeling in the wake of the televised leader’s debate.

Weaver was met by close to 100 Green Party supporters on Sunday afternoon in Kelowna.

“People saw something in the debate,” Weaver told reporters after meeting party faithful at the Best Western Hotel, noting the support and surge in interest after the leader’s debate has been significant across the province.

“We’re trying to inspire people to vote,” he said pointing to the fact he had a packed hotel room of support in Kelowna, a Liberal strong-hold.

“Look at this, this was put together on short notice,” said Weaver of the gathering which included candidates Alison Shaw, Robert Mellalieu and Rainer Wilkins from the three Kelowna area ridings as well Kevin Babcock from Salmon Arm.

Weaver said people are ready for change in the province and his party is offering an alternative.

Weaver will spend two days in the Okanagan, pointing out that if the party had held a rally a year ago in Kelowna it might have drawn a couple of people who had been in the party for 30 years. Now there was a wide range of ages, from young families to seniors.

“We know historically this riding here in Kelowna (is Liberal),” he said. But Kelowna-Lake Country was the one riding the that went federal Liberal in the last election. We have an awful lot of federal Liberal support because they do not see the BB Liberals the same as the federal Liberals.”

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