The water in Darke Creek is rising and as a result

The water in Darke Creek is rising and as a result

Driveways washed out in Faulder

Properties in Faulder have been hit with water problems once again, this time as a result of high water levels in Darke Creek.

For the past few weeks, as snow melt continues, some of the driveways and gardens have washed out.

The creek will occasionally flood during a wet year, but more commonly, there is no water in it.

Michael Brydon, director for Area F within the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, said he first received calls about flooding in the area near the end of May.

Faulder, an unincorporated community of 80 people 10 kilometres west of Summerland, does not receive flood control services from the regional district unless there is an emergency.

The higher water levels have also helped to correct another problem in the area.

In the past, Faulder’s aquifer has failed to recharge, but because of the excess ground water, the level in the aquifer has come up considerably, Brydon said.

“It’s been an eye-opener for me to deal with too much water and too little water,” he said. “This year, it’s nice to see a recharge in the water system.”

A third concern about Faulder’s water, the high level of uranium, is not being corrected by the excess runoff.