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Driver clocked doing 165 km/h in 90 km/h zone, Salmon Arm RCMP impound vehicle

RCMP kept busy with traffic enforcement
Salmon Arm RCMP have been busy with traffic enforcement. (File photo)

A pair of drivers caught travelling at excessive speeds had their vehicles impounded by police.

Salmon Arm RCMP Staff Sgt. Scott West said officers have been busy with traffic enforcement, and shared details of a few recent incidents including two from Saturday, Sept. 2, involving speeding drivers. One involved a B.C. driver who was ticketed for excessive speed and passing on a double solid line on the highway. In a Sept. 11 media release, West said it was determined the driver was doing 165 km/h in a 90 km/h zone. In the second incident, which occurred around 2:14 a.m., West said the vehicle was found to be travelling in excess of 100km/h on approach to the downtown area of Salmon Arm “which is a 50km/h speed zone.” In both incidents the vehicles driven were impounded.

Another vehicle was impounded on Sept. 1, but not for excessive speed. This impoundment happened around 10 a.m., after a driver had departed a liquor establishment and was showing signs of impairment.

“The driver refused to comply with a roadside screening device breath demand made by a patrolling officer,” said West.

The driver also received a 90-day driving prohibition as well as a ticket as the vehicle he was operating had no valid insurance.

West reminded drivers that school zones are back in effect and will be a focus for Salmon Arm RCMP.

“Please slow to the 30km/h speed limit in these areas,” said West, who added the following details:

• Excessive speed fines range from $368 to $483 and impoundment of vehicle and payment of towing/storage


• Speed in school zone fines start at $196 and range up to $483 for excessive speed with vehicle impoundment.

“Despite the fines please slow down! A child’s safety is being placed at risk!” said West.

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