Concerns raised about Summerland landfill

Concerns raised about Summerland landfill

Province issued warning and noncompliance letters

The provincial Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has issued letters of warning and noncompliance to the municipality after noticing issues at the community’s landfill.

The letters were dated Dec. 20 and 21, following an inspection of the landfill which was conducted last year.

The concerns in the letters address record keeping, the compost facility, the discharger at the site and measures to prevent the release of leachate into the environment.

Candace Pilling, solid waste and recycling operations project manager for the municipality, said budget items to remedy these warning and noncompliance issues have been included in the draft version of the municipal budget for the coming year.

She added that municipal staff have been working to address the items raised in the letters about the landfill.

David Gregory, a former Summerland mayor and councillor, said the landfill issues need to be addressed.

“It was pretty disturbing to read this report,” he said.

He added that the Summerland landfill is the closest landfill to a water supply in British Columbia.